20 things to do in Lvov

Recently, the Dobovo content manager has gone to Lvov for the eighth time in her life. In this regard, she generously agreed to share some thoughts about what for and how you need to go there. Of course, everyone has different idea of Lvov – romance, alcoholic oblivion, gastronomic discoveries or humble tourism. All this does not cancel the fact that Lvov always brings adventures and endless fun. Here we tried to collect for you, our dear readers, 20 things to do in Lvov during a trip to this wonderful city, which will help you make the trip a little better. Continue reading 20 things to do in Lvov

A few reasons to visit Chisinau right now


Traveling abroad has recently become more difficult: the prices are high, and the collection of documents for a visa makes you really neurvous. Our citizens aren’t giving up and every day try to invent new routes for recreation. Someone is going to Georgia or Turkey, someone goes on a journey across the country, and someone is sitting quite desperately and don’t not know what to do. Continue reading A few reasons to visit Chisinau right now

How to fall in love with Moscow in a weekend: a few tips for travelers

Moscow is great city with great opportunities for tourists. There are soviet architecture, churches and wide streets that seems strange for foreigners, but for us Moscow is a place we read about in childhood and at school, and then as an adult, in the classical novels. We are going to tell you how to fall in love with Moscow in a weekend. Definitely, there are reasons to go there. It has no less parties than in Kiev and in the intervals between them you can go to museums or theaters. This trip is great for a weekend and even though the city is really huge, you can try to see the most interesting things. We have prepared for you a few tips that will help to understand and love this city. Continue reading How to fall in love with Moscow in a weekend: a few tips for travelers

Secret Kiev places

Secret Kiev places

Kiev has lots of places that are hidden from eyes of tourists somewhere in quiet courtyards or away from the beaten tourist routes. These Secret Kiev places attract more locals, who love the city, than travelers who come to Kiev for a few days.

In general, it is written here about a number of interesting and to some extent secret places of Kiev, which you can visit if you are tired of walking along Khreshchatyk and Sophia Square. Continue reading Secret Kiev places

Weekend trips in Ukraine

Stitched PanoramaThis year autumn is unusually beautiful and warm, and you want to be somewhere away from the city and work responsibilities to enjoy perhaps the last warm days this year. In general, here is a list of places where you can go for a picnic or outdoor recreation with friends or family. We hope this will inspire some of you to make a nice weekend trip. Continue reading Weekend trips in Ukraine

Istanbul cats guide

Istanbul is known as a romantic and contrasting city where Europe meets the East. There are so many stunning places and the city annually welcomes millions of tourists from around the world. Some visitors of the city used to think that the main attractions are Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, but most people still support the opinion that the main attractions in this city are cats. Cats in Istanbul are separate caste of inhabitants, which is loved by everyone in the city. It will be okay if Istanbul cat will come to you in a cafe and crawl on your hands, in a bowl, and then on the head. This is our ode to the fluffy inhabitants of Istanbul. Continue reading Istanbul cats guide

4 delicious vegetarian restaurants in Kiev

Панир в нори на овощном жульене с имбирно-кунжутным соусом — меню Литературного Кафе Имбирь

Kiev has greatly succeeded during the last years in terms of opening new cafes and restaurants. But there is a question still remaining: can vegetarians not get lost in jungles of meat burgers, steaks, grilled wings and nourishing broths? Sometimes it is very disappointing, when coming to a cafe that looks sweet at first glance, to find out that the only thing that does not contain a piece of an animal is a mineral water..

Continue reading 4 delicious vegetarian restaurants in Kiev

10 facts you need to know about Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv – it’s a great city where everything is mixed. It’s landscapes are so diverse that sometimes it seems that all this just can not exist in the same city. А modern metropolis with skyscrapers, the oldest port in Israel, ancient streets, authentic souvenir shops, bohemian center and clean beaches. You can fall in love with at first sight and then never forget it. If it happened that you have not been to Tel Aviv, we feel sorry for you and strongly advise you to go there. Continue reading 10 facts you need to know about Tel-Aviv

Sights of Western Ukraine

We are going to speak not about overseas distant lands, once discovered by Columbus, but about the western part of Ukraine, rich in mountains, forests and lakes. “Journey to the West” in the winter becomes a very topical tourist route: some go to Lvov for Christmas; some prefer to improve skills on the snowy slopes of the mountains. However, this area attracts many tourists throughout the year – cities of the Western Ukraine with more than rich history, with mineral springs and mountains with fresh air and interesting places. The whole year you can spend time with family or friends in the lap of nature, swimming in lakes and waterfalls, cycling and riding horses, making picnics and hiking in the mountains. Therefore, we have prepared a list of interesting places in the central and western Ukraine, which are recommended for a visit on your way to the destination point. Continue reading Sights of Western Ukraine