How to get a personal discount from an owner on Dobovo

We’re gladly announcing that we have an absolutely new and useful function that will help you save money, time and also will allow you to proceed with the booking on the best price. This is – personal discounts from the apartment owners. If you like some apartment, but you would like to book it on a lower price, now you can send a request through “ask owner a question” feature and ask about a discount for your stay.


The process of a discount request is very easy and won’t take much time from both sides. Everything is very easy – you see an apartment you like, pick the dates of stay, press “Ask owner a question” and make a request for a discount. After that the owner will see a request from you on their personal account and will answer to your request with an offer. Seeing the new price, you feel joyful, accept the offer and book the apartment with a new price. In case the apartment you like is not available or is available but not on all days you need, the owner will gladly make you a discount offer for an alternative apartment.


So why you should use the personal discounts from the owners on Dobovo?

1. Of course, you save money. Even the smallest discount – is a significant plus to your budget that you plan for your trip.

2. You know you’ll cooperate with a trustworthy owner. Personal interaction plays a big role here. You can be sure, that the owner will gladly be waiting for you, cause he already made a step forward – lowered the price for the apartment specifically so that you would stay there. We always recommend to contact the owner personally before the booking is processed and before the check-in, because we understand how important trust is.

3. You won’t find a better price nowhere. Trust us, we know!

4. It’s fast. Instead of calling our managers and asking for a discount, you can do on-line in seconds and get your answer just as fast.

We recommend our clients to use new feature on Dobovo, book the best apartment, get the best discount on it and happily start your trip, that will surely leave only good impression and give loads of good memories.

Booking without prepayment

We are proudly announcing that Dobovo Booking Center is adding a new booking without prepayment feature for the clients who want to move in today.

You urgently need a flat today, but you’re on a train and arriving only in a few hours, there’s not enough money on your card and no ATM or a computer nearby? How do you confirm a booking in that case? 2015-06-18 17-39-33
We’re presenting you a great opportunity to book a flat for a current day without prepayment. You just need to send us a request and choose a “booking without prepayment” option. Soon after that our manager will contact you to get the details of the booking and your full request will be automatically sent to the owner for confirmation. As soon as the owner confirms your booking – you will get a notification by e-mail and text message with contact information of the owner for managing your check-in.

Daily booking of the flat for a current day is even easier now!

Dobovo secrets or how to choose the best apartments of the site

I’m writing these lines in a hurry, who knows when they will come for me and how much I’ve got left. Against all odds, I just want to share the knowledge I’ve got, so that all my hard work wouldn’t drown in a black depth of neglecting.

Okay, I’m joking. Just read too much Lovecraft last night. Anyways, I’m all ready to share with you the most secret secrets of booking on To unravel the mystery so to speak, hiding the best offers and tell you how to pick the best option for booking.

All money you will save thanks to this article, you can send to my card or give it to me personally if a chocolate/candy equivalent.

Here we go:

1. Let’s start with saving time: offers you tons of filters for the apartments search. You can choose only the flats with WI-FI, or the ones cheaper than 400 hryvnia. All it takes is to check the according fields. Look at the the screenshot. 2015-06-18 17-00-44

2. Let’s continue with the time management just as smartly: don’t waste your time on calling the manager and asking them to find you a flat near the location you need. Of course we all are super ready to help you with any problem, but still there’s a quicker way: use the locations filters. You can find them in the search results above the apartments list and also on the city page. Yet again pay attention to the screenshot. 2015-06-18 17-02-42
3. When the list of the flats available on your dates is ready, you can sort it. And also visit the “special offers” feature and look for the discount offers made specifically on the dates you’ve chosen.

4. So, you have picked a few good options for your stay, here you need to pay attention to the owner’s reviews and reputation. Only guests, who have stayed in the flat can leave reviews. You also can read reviews about all flats of that owner, not to deal with a rude and unreliable person. Owners reputations depends of the amount of the successful bookings, cancellations of the confirmed bookings and regularity of the availability calendar updates. There’s no secrets: you have a full picture of trustworthiness of a person or a company that you plan rely on with your stay. 2015-06-18 17-06-38 2015-06-18 17-05-35

5. Next advice is for the most successful and cool: for example, after making a request, you can call Dobovo Booking Center managers and ask for a discount. The number of declines is only a bit more than none.

6. If you’re a frequent customer, and you have no time or ability to make a prepayment, we will always be glad to approve such booking on condition that the owner will give his permission, you just need to prove yourself as a trustworthy client.

That way using the site features and also the charisma and charm you’ve got, you can pleasantly start your trip with an easy and comfortable apartment booking on And a good start will set a great tone for the whole trip.


Kiev unusual monuments

Every city has its own monuments: funny, historical, unusual. Kiev it’s not an exeption.  It is highly probable that while walking around town you happen to come across a piece of art. team present you a list of the best and the most interesting monuments of the capital.

Panteleimon the Cat (2009)

The bronze monument was erected in a memory of the Persian cat named Panteleimon. It is located opposite the restaurant “Pantagruel”, where this cat was living.  The monument was erected in a sign of love to him by a restaurant workers. This cat is polished by tourists and visitors like any other bronze sculpture.


The Monument to Woman’s beauty (2010)

The opening of this monument was dedicated to All-Ukrainian Day of lingerie. The sculpture consists of a globe where the lands are represented by coloured woman’s linen items. The author states that the monument is an ode to female beauty, which can conquer the globe. Its weight is about 300 kg.

sh830 Lovers lights (2009)

This monument had been opened In the heart of the capital, at the Independence Square to St. Valentine’s Day in 2009. “Electric couple” sits on a bench. The bench is supposed to be a meeting place of lovers.


Hedgehog in the Fog (2009)

The hero of one of the most famous Soviet cartoon. He is sitting on a tree stump and looks into the distance, at the horse.  The Hedgehog sculpture was carved out of pine and its needles were made from screws. The sculpture is located on 2 Reitarskaya Street.


Forks cat (2009)

At the metro station “Golden Gate” white cat is hiding on a tree. But you won’t find it in nature.  It’s large cat was made from disposable forks. He seemed to be watching at passing by people hurrying somewhere.


Sculptures of Peizazhnaya Alley (2009)

Landscape alley  is a  place where we can remember childhood. There are a lot of fantasy sculptures in bright colors. You can find there fantasy cats, zebras, fun benches, fairy tale characters of Lewis Carroll – even the little prince visited the Alley. So don’t miss this opportunity.


Frog sculpture (2010)

The frog is located in Khreshchatyi park. There were taking place regular discos called “Zhaba” (ukrainean word for frog) IN TIMES OF USSR. The author loved it and made such a present for the capital. The frog weight is about 6 tons.


Pear fountain (2012)

This fountain is located at “Pozniyaki” metro station, in the park. There is a coloured lighting causing culinary association with pear in cream, wine and caramel. It is one of the youngest city fountains.


Grandma classical monument (2011)

This is how an average ukrainian granny LOOKED like in the past century, DUE to the author. You can sit DOWN with granny IN Shevchenko park and watch either after grandchildren or collect the rumors.


Monument to the Unburned match (2009)

“The Artema Street is very gassy. With this work I want to pay attention to the protection of plants in the city, “- says the author of this sculpture V. Belokon’S Sculpture is 4 meters HEIGHT and weighing about 160 kg. There IS a green leaf on the sculpture.  The shape of the leaf WAS borrowed BY SCULPTOR from the Ginkgo tree-beloba, which is known as a survivor among the plants. (37/41 Artema Street)



Shopping Mall Gulliver or Something great is coming!

We want to tell you about the big construction, which rises near Palats Sportu subway station, which had been already seen by many residents and visitors of the capital. This giant building is a multifunctional complex “Gulliver”. It is located in the heart of Kiev, in its historical and business part.

It was the usual shopping center in 2003, then they added a “candle”. The price of rent in the business center was big and future residential building remade into an office building in 2000-mids. After the financial crisis the top of shopping complex was extended with a second six-storey office tower . Construction was carried out almost 10 years and now, finally in the second half of 2013 there will be the long-awaited opening (planning at the end of September). By the way Gulliver is on the first place in the list of the highest buildings in Kiev, followed by its neighbor – Parus.

The complex consists of two units: the 35 – storey business center and 8 – storey entertainment complex. There will be 130 shops, an underground supermarket, an entertaining center, a variety of restaurants, a children’s play area, ample parking, a fitness club with a swimming pool on the roof, and much more. Also there will be a cinema, bowling and SPA- center. One more fact in numbers to your attention: the height of the bilding is 161 meters. So it justifies its name. Really great views will be seen from the top.


This mall will become a favorite place for recreation, shopping, business and romantic, chit-chatting over a cup of coffee for many residents and guests of the capital. The complex has all the necessary infrastructure to implement it.


The decorative lighting will become the hallmark of Gulliver. It was made by the company that is known for making light for the Champs -Elysees and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We believe that the building will decorate view of the evening Kiev. It’s really nice (the dobovo team admires lightning almost every evening).

“Palats Sportu” subway station, Sport Sq. ,1. – there you can feel yourself  as a lilliputian.


смотровые площадки киева

Best viewpoints of Kiev

One of the best ways of exploring the city is to visit its viewpoints. Thats why we would like to present you the list of the best viewpoints of Kiev. Kiev is famous for its architecture and attractions, but also for a lot of places with spectacular view on the capital.

Motherland Monument

The monumental 62-meter sculpture (102 meters with a pedestal) of Motherland in Kiev Caves located on the hills overlooking the Dnieper, and being seen even from distant points of Kiev. By present time, there are such guided tours: 1. A special lift takes you up to the observation deck – at the height of 37 meters (at the foot of the monument) and 92 meters (top panel). 2. All visitors can Climb to the top of the shield, if they are at least 18 years old. From the shield you can see great views of the Dnipro river, Kiev Pechersk Lavra and the left bank of Kiev.


Castle Hill

You also can climb the mountain from St. Andrew’s Descent, rising a hundred steps (if not more). Therefore, this option is ideal for people with a good physical preparation. You will see the area with the “gingerbread houses”, Andrew’s descent and the river Dnieper From the top of the mountain.


The Tsar’s observation

This obswrvation deck is situated on the territory of the Mariinsky Park, near the Verkhovna Rada and the Mariinsky Palace. It was erected by the Empress Maria in 1874. It faces the left bank of the Dnieper and the slopes. For your perfect memory and emotions it has On-site working binoculars.


Vladimir Hill

Park is located at St. Michael’s Mount, it was founded in the early XIX century. Monument to Prince Volodymyr the Great was one of the trademarks of the city. The park has several viewing platforms. One directly at the monument to Vladimir the Great, the second a little higher in the arbor. On the grounds with views of the Dnipro Trukhaniv Island, Postal Square, embankment of the Dnieper.


People’s Friendship Arch 

Opened in 1982, this observation deck remains the most popular place to visit. In addition to the luxurious views of Podil and the Dnieper.


Park of Eternal Glory 

On the upper and middle “naddneprovskih” terraces between the street and the Lavra Dnieper descent is situated the Park of Eternal Glory, whose history dates back to 1894. The site is neat and tidy, with a wide viewing angle. It offers views of the Dnipro River, Kiev Pechersk Lavra, Podol, Obolon and part of the left bank. As an observation deck under the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, this place is very popular among honeymooners or just married.


Botanical garden

From the observation deck at the National Botanical Garden of. Grishko you can spot a great view of the Dnieper River, part of the left bank, the Paton Bridge. Especially this place is popular in spring, during the flowering lilacs and magnolias here – secret symbols of Kiev.


Residential Complex Alexander

The observation deck on the roof of a 25-storey complex “Alexander” (4 Chervonozorianyi Avenue). It was opened in 2009 and had a great popularity through many citizens. All visitors get the binoculars, so they could better explore Kiev. With a height of almost 100 meters you will see an incredible panorama.


Bell tower of the Cathedral of St. Sophia

St. Sophia’s Cathedral is located In the very center, at Sophia Square. It was built in the XI century, during the reign of Prince Vladimir. This is one of the oldest temples of Kievan Rus’, survived to the present day. The main tower of the St. Sophia Cathedral is open for tours of visitors – a 42-meter bell tower is the best place where you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of central Kiev.



Our office

It appeared that we have never told you about our wonderful office, our magical Dobovo headquaters, which is located right in the city center, on Baseina Street. That is why we have made some photos of those thing, we love the most about this place, where we spend nearly every day.

First of all, we have a glass wall and a poster on it, where our content manager shows the world, how does he see Dobovo from inside. There are three main parts: Client, owner and + several necessary thing, which should be known by each manager to make all three parts happy and satisfied.

1We also have some nice pictures on the wall. For the most annoying clients there was invented a sophisticated torture. On of the pictures is being hanged a little bit askew and bothers the feeling of perfection of this client.

collage 2

The most surprising rule in our office is connected with the location of our chairs, they are always straightly located in a white-black-white-black order.


It is not so easy to enter to the head manager’s office – an entrance plate will warn you, but if you have tea and cookies feel free to be a guest :)

4Our office is cozy, light and nice. We love this place, where it is so pleasant to drink coffee each morning, watching people and cars in rush, water the flowers and watch incredible sunsets each evening. You can also work here, if you’d like.


And last, but not the list: we have some sweeties here, and everyone can take one, two or twenty seven with him :)



The Wonderful Land of Transcarpathia


To get the right impression of Ukraine as a whole one should necessarily visit the Transcarpathia beside other regions. The cultural peculiarities formed under the impact of the neighboring countries, the local inhabitants and their customs, and of course the magnificent nature of the locality are the reason why Transcarpathia is worth visiting for a foreign tourist as well as for a Ukrainian resident from any other corner of the country.

The celebrated local vines and the ample Hungarian cuisine in the traditional restaurants called “colyba”; bathing in thermal pools, hot water tubs and pure cold mountain streams; folk songs performed in a contemporary way and the mountain peak landscapes – even the most sophisticated tourists will be overwhelmed by such a storm of manifold impressions!

Palanok Castle

 Every sightseeing tour normally includes the famous castles of the region. The Mukachevo or the Palanok castle is indeed the most prominent one. Its bastions are marked with sculptures reflecting its history. These are the Turul, the mythical bird as the Hungarian national symbol, and the monument to the brave castle owner, countess Ilona Zrini and her son. Musicians playing romantic melodies in the courtyard create a wonderful atmosphere for the today’s visitors.

Shenborn CastleAnother famous tourist destination, the Shenborn hunting castle in Chenadiyevo town is a real work of architectural art surrounded by a huge park. In spring, beautiful Chinese cherry trees blossom around a picturesque pond the shape of which resembles the outlines of the 19th-century Austro-Hungarian Empire. The evergreen shrubbery labyrinths lead to the castle entrance. Shenborn chandelierToday the whole territory is given over to the Karpaty health resort however the interiors have preserved their initial look. One of the beliefs connected with the castle says the peculiar chandelier which survived till nowadays would start to swing if a faithful wife stands under it.

There are two more interesting 18 century castles not far from Uzhgorod. Nevitsky CastleThey are the Templar castle in the Serednye village and the Nevitsky castle in the Nevitske town. Today they are both just majestic ruins with vague outlines of the defense constructions, living chambers and watchtowers. The Nevitsky castle (the name is derived from the Slovak “bride” – such name is related to the history of Mogol invasions when all the town’s young girls were hidden inside the castle for safety) is today the venue for the annual ethnic festival called The Brides’ Castle.

Kolochava MuseumTo see the entire picture of everyday life of the people who inhabited the area a couple of centuries ago it is a must to visit the architecture and culture museum in Kolochava village. The Hutsul, Boiky, Lemky, Jewish, Slovakian, Czech and Hungarian cultures are interlaced in this small settlement of the 18-19th cc. precisely reproduced from the constructions, works of art and household items of those times preserved till today.

Daffodil ValleyThe natural treasures of the Carpatians are the Synevir lake also called the “see eye” due to its shape; the scenic Shepit waterfall, the Borzhava ridge, the wonderful daffodil valley and much more.

With a booked and rented apartment in Mukachevo or Beregovo you can see all the wonderful places the region is famous for, get to know the local traditions and experience the unique way of life its inhabitants lead.

Mukachevo ApartmentApartment in Mukachevo is always happy to offer you comfortable accommodation in the desired parts of Ukraine!

Discounted offers at top 3

Discounts at the top of search results

Discounted offers as 3 top resultsIt has now became much more easier to find the best discounted deal for the dates of your stay using as your apartments booking system. One of the latest features on the website is displaying special deals as top 3 search results for specified dates. In case you’ve set check-in and check-out and there are special discounted offers set by apartment owners exactly for your dates – you will see those discounted offers as top 3 search results. In case there are more than 3 discounted offers for specified dates – every time search results are reloaded system gets random 3 of them. In case you would like to see all available special discounted offers in the destination city – you can still go to the page will all hot offers in that city and see all available ones.