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Rent house for New Year in Lviv

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No available rentals found matching your requested dates.

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Rent a house for New year in Lviv — possibility to arrange an unforgettable holiday

Lviv is famous for its warmth and hospitality and each year accepts up to 2 million visitors. This amazing, very beautiful city, full of history, the spirit of the middle ages, Ukrainian traditions and culture. For reviews, tourists and visitors really like New year's eve magic. It is fun, interesting and long leaves warm memories.

Caring for the comfort of all those wishing to join the delightful atmosphere of the New year celebration, the Dobovo.com company created rent base. It is easy to navigate and relying on individual taste, financial opportunities and preferences, you can choose:

  • VIP class apartments;
  • luxurious luxury mansion;
  • furnished apartment renovated;
  • comfortable country cottage.

We work with landlords of different type.

Rent a house for New year in Lviv is affordable

If you want to rent a house for a New year at an affordable, adequate price, book in advance for this need to make a prepayment (for 1 night stay, or 15% of the total cost if you plan to rent for a few days) and receive confirmation from the owners of the final calculation is made convenient way (cash or credit card) upon arrival at the place.

We will help not only to rent a comfortable house for New year's eve, but also save considerably. Portal started a loyalty program that provides incentive bonuses (discount cumulative nature, size ranges from 1 to 10%).

Hope that rented house will make a favorable impression and you'll want to come with your family or friends for next year.

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