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UAH 327.75
20 Meleshkina
12 Tage vor
UAH 286.35
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UAH 172.50

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“ This apartment is good and worth the price. It is good decision for not very long trips.”

Anonym, Linz (Österreich)
6 August, 2013

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24 Apr - 28 Apr (4 Nächte) Dreizimmerwohnung Apartment with a nice renovation UAH 250.00 UAH 238.00
We constantly offer various Krivoy Rog apartment deals for you to profit from booking an apartment with us when you go the city on business or with friends. Check out our Krivoy Rog apartments discounts page and pick the offer most suitable for your trip.

For those looking for good and affordable Krivoy Rog apartments discounts are listed in our Hot Offers section. Don't be afraid that the offered cheap Krivoy Rog apartments will be of low quality, or inconveniently located. You can look through all the characteristics of the apartment and see the pictures before booking it.

Our Krivoy Rog apartments last minute deals will be beneficial for those whose travel terms are more or less flexible. However you can choose any of our Krivoy Rog apartments offers and check with the customer support if there are any discounts available.
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