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Rent of apartments from Gzgroup agency

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8.0 Très bon Basé sur 4 avis 4 avis Carte
disponible sur demande libre
Wi-Fi TV
One bedroom apartment on Rynok Square, Un chambre
26 Krakivska Street, Center, Lviv
Sans prépaiement
8.9 Fabuleux Basé sur 4 avis 4 avis Carte
disponible sur demande libre
Wi-Fi TV
1/3 Svobody, Studio
1/3 Svobody Avenue, Center, Lviv
Sans prépaiement
8.8 Fabuleux Basé sur 1 avis 1 avis Carte
disponible sur demande libre
Wi-Fi TV
Apartment with good renovation, Studio
8 Henerala Hrekova Street, 700-richcha Lvova-Chornovola, Lviv
Sans prépaiement

Lviv real estate agency Gzgroup — a wide choice and convenient location of daily apartments

In Lviv can lodge in any area. The atmosphere, architecture, monuments shrouded in ancient legends — the confirmed both semi-fictions and — have to foot walks. Tourists prefer to remove private real estate as it is more profitable and more comfortable, than hotel rooms. Rent of apartments from Gzgroup agency — this accommodation in a cozy house situation and unostentatious benevolent personnel.

To category of sights in this ancient city can refer the majority of streets and houses. Recommend to the person who has decided to visit Lviv for the first time housing near Rynok square. So it for 2– 3 days will see main interestingness: historical, cultural, culinary. In the following arrivals it is possible to choose other areas where there are at least remarkable places.

Service and services

Considering wishes of guests, Gzgroup offers in Lviv compact and spacious apartments by the day in quiet dormitory or brisk tourist districts, with picturesque types from windows. Apartments are prepared: are furnished, equipped with equipment. Kitchens, bathrooms and berths wait for guests with necessary accessories.

Planning a trip to Lviv in advance or having gathered spontaneously, you come on dobovo.com. There will be suitable options.

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