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Nova Kakhovka apartments for short term rent. Vacation rentals.

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Wi-Fi TV Climatiseur
Mini hotel NewKa, Un chambre
18 Pershotravneva Street, Nova Kakhovka
Sans prépaiement
9.6 Exceptionnel Basé sur 1 avis 1 avis Carte
disponible sur demande libre
Wi-Fi TV Climatiseur
Black and white apartment, Un chambre
42 Pionerskaya Street, Nova Kakhovka
Sans prépaiement
7.9 Très bon Basé sur 1 avis 1 avis Carte
disponible sur demande libre
Wi-Fi TV Climatiseur
New building in the Sokol district, Un chambre
12A Pobedu Avenue, Nova Kahovka
Sans prépaiement

What kind of apartment for short term rent in Nova Kakhovka

Located on the left side of the Dnieper river, the city is regarded as a kind of oasis. Tourists come here to enjoy the organic combination of architecture and landscapes, shrouded in green gardens and parks, experience the purity and freshness of local air. In whatever area you choose an apartment for short term rent in Nova Kakhovka, next will be cozy square or a shaded alley. Green zone stretches across the city: from a local stadium to «Druzhba» hotel.

Benefits of leased accommodation

  • rented housing is cheaper than a hotel room with the same number of beds or rooms;
  • you choose a convenient location for you house;
  • nearby parks, stores, shopping centers, pharmacies and other infrastructure;
  • walking distance to the center (1–2 km), main alleys, nightclubs, restaurants, beach
  • most rooms with exterior views of the park and the river.

Both tourists who came to rest and traveling businessmen prefer to rent private apartments in Nova Kakhovka, because it helps to feel the atmosphere, enjoy home comfort, which lacks.

You can choose spacious one bedroom apartments or a cozy studio with 2–4 beds. Even in the budget options in the center provides basic household items that will provide comfort: refrigerator, stove, tv, washing machine. Availability of wireless Internet, air conditioner, microwave oven, parking places and other things specify when making your reservation.

Additional services (if they are not provided in the basic terms of the contract) are negotiated with the owner: cleaning, bed linen etc. At the request of the tenant landlords provide documentation of payment which are attached to travel.  

Minimum rental apartments in the center or on the outskirts of Kakhovka ― one day. Maximum is not limited to: depends on the contract with the owner. Reservation, handing over the keys and settlement take place without the participation of intermediaries, realtor agencies. Thus you yourself are studying proposals from owners of premises and save finance.

Filters to sort by price, rating, number of rooms and equipment, premises will ease the process of selecting housing. Use online consultation for detailed acquaintance with the features apartments and removal conditions.

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