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Hotels in Kiev on Podil

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Extra large central apartments, Monolocale
60А Vozdvyzhenska Street, Podil, Kiev
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10.0 Eccezionale Basato su 1 recensione 1 recensione Mappa
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The ship - hotel, Monolocale
10 Naberezhno-Khreshatitskaya Street, Podil, Kiev
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The choice of hotel suites on Podil in Kiev

Podilskyi district of the capital is situated on the right bank of Dnepr. Its peculiarity lies in the contours of the territory and the location. By area, it is small, but the extended, elongated shape. Among the hotels on Podil there are in the city center, the historical part, on the banks of Dnepr.

Podil is unique in that combines ancient and modern architecture, monuments. Here places for leisurely walks, driving a day of rest and noisy nightlife. Podil conveys the true spirit of Kiev, it allows to catch the rhythm of his life. So popular tourist hotels are located on Podil in Kiev. They like to stop foreigners coming to see the sights of ancient Slavic culture of the city and modern European capital

Among the hotels in Kiev, located on Podil, famous hotel « St. Andrew ». It stands at the river station and boasts its original exterior — is a ship on the water. There are a cinema, a concert hall, a comfortable club with a library, music room with an elegant white piano. Prices are far from the budget. But, given the many opportunities for recreation, excellent service, original design, and a scenic river landscape to talk about high costs, it is not necessary.

There are budget hotels on Podil. They are built in convenient places to stay closer to Svyatoshino and Obolon sleeping area

Attractions of Podil

This part of the city — the most ancient. It is a plain near the mountainous terrain. Hence the name — the Podil of our ancestors called the area under the mountain

What to visit:

  • the house of Mikhail Bulgakov;
  • Holy Cross Church, painted in different styles. It was christened Bulgakov;
  • Frolovskiy convent — the most ancient monasteries of Kiev. On its territory is in full swing, the water of which is credited with anti-aging properties;
  • cinema « Zhovten », which show films in the genre of retro, art house for sophisticated audience;
  • museum « Chernobyl ». Interior reminds rooms reactors. The exhibition — fragments of the iconostasis of Church of the Resurrection from the exclusion zone, the technique, the type of the one which was used for the elimination of the accident.

Choose and book your hotel on Dobovo.com. On the site — only real reviews of users left after being evicted from the hotel. Based on these assessments and reviews, the hotel is rated, or a reliability index  .

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