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Houses for rent in Mukachevo

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331 Lazy Street, River village, Mizhgirya district
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Rent houses from budget to premium class in Mukachevo

This small town in Zakarpattia region is famous for its incredibly beautiful nature, ancient castles, monasteries, and bright annual festival « Red wine ». Tourists prefer to rent houses and cottages in Mukachevo. It is more profitable than to take a hotel, there are no restrictions on the number of occupants. Private real estate market is developed, which leads to a wide assortment. You can rent appropriate space and the cost of a house in Mukachevo for short or long term though very near Palanok Castle

Because Mukachevo — a small town, the area does not affect the price. The main factor of price — improvement, comfort, home area.

The main demand for short term rent in Mukachevo form tourists. These come from all over the world to admire the beautiful scenery of volcanic Carpathians, visit the attractions of Bukovina region. The local flat place in the foothills of the Carpathians has a mild climate. This is the most northern area where the tea was grown.

Most of the guests come on a long vacation, breathe fresh mountain air, healthier from mineral sources. They choose the home and garden near the forest. Bursts of tourism activity seen in the weekend. In order to comfortably spend the weekend in Mukachevo, housing is better to think in advance. On Dobovo free rent houses you can find at least one day before the trip. But remember that during periods of peak demand on the market for rent housing prices for houses in Mukachevo grow.

Sights, architecture, entertainment

In addition to the famous medieval Palanok Castle in Mukachevo there is a lot of things worth to see:

  • Town Hall with ancient clock — the main building of the city;
  • Palace Transylvanian princes Rakotsy XVII Century;
  • Catholic church of St. Martin of the early twentieth century;
  • Assumption Greek Catholic and Reformed Church;
  • St. Nicholas monastery, founded in the IX century;
  • monasteries Domboksky — women and Rakoshinski — men.

«Dobovo» will quickly find a suitable accommodation in Mukachevo. To save time searching, use the filters.

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