How much does it cost to rent an apartment for a day in different cities of Ukraine

Everyone of us rents an apartment for a day. It is convenient, profitable and does not require much effort from the user – you can book an apartment today in just a few minutes. But, as you know, prices for daily rental housing can be different.  Much depends not only on the number of rooms, but also on the regional accommodation of apartments.

Service for the daily booking of housing in Ukraine found out how much it would cost to rent a one-room apartment in different cities of Ukraine. A small spoiler: a one-night rent in Kyiv is twice as expensive of renting the same apartment in Sumy.

* The statistics are taken from the cost of paid orders for one-room apartments in the period from March 1 to March 31, 2017 on the site

Daily rent in the top cities of Ukraine

Logically, in the largest Ukrainian cities, rental housing is more expensive.

The leader in our list is Kyiv. In the capital, the daily rent of housing will cost from 550 to 3900 UAH. The average cost of renting a one-room apartment in Kyiv is 695 UAH.

Behind Kyiv follows Dnipro. There the price for daily rent of apartments ranges from 260 to 2090 UAH. The average rental price of one-room apartment in Dnipro566 UAH.

Odessa closes the top three leaders of the top cities of Ukraine. Given the fact that the holiday season has not yet begun – the prices for daily rental housing in Odessa is not so high. Although, do not forget that this is a sea city – which means that the difference in the rental price can be impressive. So, those who wishing to visit Odessa in the first months of spring can rent a one-room apartment in the city within the limits of 250 to … 17 000 UAH!

The average cost of renting a one-room apartment in Odesa in the rating is 511 UAH.

On the 4th place in the top five cities of Ukraine was Lviv: there the average cost of renting a one-room apartment is 488 UAH.

 Kharkiv closes the rating of the major cities – you can rent a one-room apartment there for 437 UAH.


Prices for daily rent of apartments in Ukraine

The general statistics of prices for a daily rent of a one-room apartments in Ukraine is as follows:

Ukrainians have chosen the best city for recreation in the country

The season of holidays is coming that is why many Ukrainians begin to think about choosing a place for recreation. conducted a survey among residents of various regions of Ukraine. We did this to determine the best city for recreation in our country.

We asked several clarifying questions to the respondents. Namely:

  • In which city would you like to spend your vacation?
  • What is the most expensive / cheap city for a holiday?
  • Where would you go to have a rest with the children?

The best city for vacation in Ukraine

As a result, we obtained the following results:
The best city to spend holidays in the country Ukrainians are called Odessa. The respondents gave the largest number of votes – 38.2%. Lviv follows with a small margin after Odessa – 31.5% of respondents preferred it.


City for families with children

Interesting that Odessa, in the opinion of Ukrainians, is optimal for resting with children. 41.6% of the respondents thinks so. The second place in our survey was taken by Kyiv – 29.2%, and the third – Lviv with 18%.

The most expensive and budget city for recreation

More than half of Ukrainians  (51.7%) agreed that Odessa is the most expensive city for spending holidays.

Surprisingly, the capital of Ukraine, in the opinion of respondents (34.8%), is in the list of cheapest cities for budgetary rest.

In the second place was Lviv – 21.3%. Kharkiv closed the top three leaders – it has 19.1%.

Ukrainians often go on vacation and rent apartments

As part of the survey, also asked: how often Ukrainians have vacation. As it turned out, more than half of our compatriots do not neglect the legal right to take a vacation twice a year. This is evidenced by the results of a survey.

Namely: 55.1% of Ukrainians take a vacation 2 times a year. A little less – 38.2% of respondents do not go on vacation more than once a year.

By the way, during vacation Ukrainians choose a daily rent of apartments. It was answers of 44.9% of the respondents. Staying in the hotel is preferred by 32.6% of respondents. 14.6% of respondents stops at friends during vacation.

Results of the year: where and why they travelled and how much they paid for it in 2016

December 2016 is in the streets, so it is time to sum up the results of this year, and make plans for the next one. Which places travelers visited the most this year, which apartments were chosen by them, what’s new in Dobovo – read on.

A little bit about us: 3946 owners work actively  with Dobovo, 13535 apartments in 390 cities of Ukraine and the world can be booked. For the last 6 years 2,265,019 nights were booked and 31347 reviews were left via website  .

Where travelers go the most?

Let’s start from the most popular cities among the travelers in 2016. As in past years, Top 3 destinations have not changed, they are Kyiv, Lviv and Odesa. The percentage of other cities significantly increased: if in 2015 they held only 9%, this year the figure was 22%.


Guests from which countries mostly use Dobovo?

The structure of the travelers’ nationality has also changed – the main users of Dobovo are the Ukrainians, but in comparison to the last year this value decreased by 8% and amounted to 73%. Visitors from Great Britain were replaced by the Belarusians in the Top 5.


When people travel more often?

The peak months are still the summer months. September and October are not far behind. The most inactive month is traditionally January.


What kind of accommodation is searched on

More often guests choose the 1- and 2-bedroom apartments – their percentage is 50% and 32%, respectively. Less than 1% of the guests choose the 5-bedroom apartments.


For how long do guests book the accommodation?

According to statistics, one-day trips are the most popular (34%). Also, 21% of bookings are for 5 or more nights.


How much money guests are willing to pay for accomodation?

The most popular price range is in the lower middle segment – 480-1120 UAH, it was chosen in 37% of cases. The most expensive price range (more than 2240 UAH per night) takes the last place in this list – less than 2%.


The average cost of accomodation in Kyiv, Odesa and Lviv

If we talk about the average cost of accomodation in Top 3 cities (Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa), we can determine periods of high and low seasons for each of them.

The cost of accomodation in Kyiv reached its peak in December in the past two years. The most low-cost accomodation in the capital was in January – below 15% of average. If we talk about the dynamics of prices in 2015-2016, this year the price was above the average by 12%.


The peak periods in Odesa were in June-August. For example, in July the cost of accomodation exceeds the average by 35%. The best period to go to Odessa is in January and February. The average cost of accomodation in 2016 increased by 12%, but in November 2015 the figure was even higher by 8% than in  2016.


Trends 2016 in Lviv correspond to 2015: the high season is in December-January, when tourists come to celebrate Christmas and New Year holidays. Low season is in July, because this month a lot of people have a rest near the sea in Odessa. The cost of accomodation has risen by 13% in comparison to 2015.


Why do people travel?

The most common accomodations for rent on are for recreation and domestic tourism – the amount of them is equal to 63%. Guests  choose a daily rent for business trips in 26% cases, and 6% are for the romantic purposes.


Dobovo results in 2016

Dobovo figures in 2016 look like these:


We have added new service features and improved existing ones:


We would like to congratulate you with coming 2017 year. We wish you to be persistent, energetic and bold as a symbol of the year –  The Fiery Red Rooster. Dobovo is waiting for you the following year in Kyiv at the Eurovision Song Contest, in Odessa during the beach season and in Lviv during New Year holidays!


30 thousand reviews at

Online booking service reached a critical point – 30 thousand reviews of the apartments.


We remind that the reviews are one of the strengths and the special pride of Dobovo. The system works in such a way that only person who really lived in a selected apartment can leave a preview . So anyone can read real impression about the apartments and make decision based on a feedback left by guests.

We would like to thank every person who left a review – we’re making Dobovo better with your help.

It is worth to remind that Dobovo is a leading online booking service of apartment in Ukraine. It is a business platform, created for interaction and easy communication between guests and apartment owners. The main idea of the platform is to provide the best service to customers  – from simple design and implementation of web-site to the professional support team, that makes its best in order to help the customer. Partner base consists of carefully selected hotels, guest houses and individual home owners. The peculiarity of platform is competitive prices for apartments. has started cooperation with the charitable fund “Tabletochki”

Company has started cooperation with the charitable fund “Tabletochki”. From November 7th 1 UAH from every booking on our website will be transfered to the fund. This money will be directed to the purchase of medicines for children with cancer.


International Charitable Fund  “Tabletochki” protects interests of the children with cancer in Ukraine. Thanks to the organization, dozens of children are not left alone with terrible diseases and got their chance to live. Moreover, the fund provides children with a palliative and psychological care, helps parents, develops volunteer and donor movement in Ukraine. participated in the campaign “Plant a Tree”

The campaign “Plant a Tree” launched by the online store “Rozetka” attracted a lot of Kyiv’s residents attention. During a month “Rozetka” was giving the opportunity to choose a location and plant a tree in order to say “Kyiv, I love you”. could not pass such a thing and planted 7 trees in different parts of Kontraktova Ploscha.

_DSC0454 _DSC0422

It was difficult to plant the trees, because it was quite rainy those days in Kyiv. Despite of the bad weather everything went well; now 7 trees from Dobovo are growing all over Kontraktova Ploscha.

_DSC0433 _DSC0423

You can find Dobovo’s trees at the following addresses:

–  2 Skovorody st.
–  4 Kontraktova square
– 8/5Voloshska st.
–  27 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska st.
–  35 Vvedenska st.

_DSC0446 _DSC0431

Moreover,  everyone still has the opportunity to participate in the campaign, it will last until 11th November, 2016. So do not miss your chance to make the city greener! became a hero of the Talktome article

Talktome magazine visited Ukrainian beauty – the fine Lviv city – not long ago. The journalist mentioned not only the love to this magnificent city and its coffee, but Dobovo and the magic apartment she booked as well. It was situated in the 150 years old building and had 3 old-fashioned stoves for perfect selfies. Read more about visiting Lviv and Dobovo experience in the Talktome article.

Львов. Город, с которым по любви was tested by editorial board of The People magazine became a hero of the heading “Let’s test with the editorial team” in The People magazine. Journalist Iulia Dryn had examined booking service in order to find out if there is any weakness in the system. The reporter shared her impression, experience, and advice with readers of the magazine. became a partner of Travel Family Festival became a partner of Travel Family Weekend & Beach boom of Lux FM Festival in which raffled a gift certificate in the denomination of 1000 UAH for accommodation.

On August 6th all visitors to the event were invited to take part in Dobovo lottery. All that participants needed to do was to fill out the contact form, to cast it into a bowl and to trust in luck.



About 200 people participated in this raffle. A charming young woman was the winner of this offer. Her contact form was pulled randomly by announcer guy’s little assistant girl from the bowl at 6 o’clock in the evening.


The visitors were offered another guaranteed opportunity to receive a certificate in the denomination of 100 UAH. They needed to take a picture of themself with the booth of Dobovo and to post the photo on any social media site with the hashtag #dobovo.



It should be noted that Dobovo organizes raffles not only within any festivals or exhibitions,  but on the official facebook page as well. So, follow us, participate in our lotteries and win prizes!

It is worth recalling that is the leading booking service in Ukraine. It is the business platform, which simplifies the process of communication between guests and owners. The main idea of Dobovo is to provide the best customer service – from extremely user-friendly design of to a customer service team that always does its best to help a client in any possible way. Partners database of Dobovo consists of selected apartment guesthouses / hotels and individual apartment owners. A hook of Dobovo is the most competitive prices on all apartments.

Idea, main features and secrets of – in an interview by Dmytro Malakhov for The People

Dmytro Malakhov, co-founder of the daily apartment booking service, tells the People how the lack of money and job prompted him to create his own business, about necessity and mechanisms of each owner’s checking, and also about the plans of making the service international.