has started cooperation with the charitable fund “Tabletochki”

Company has started cooperation with the charitable fund “Tabletochki”. From November 7th 1 UAH from every booking on our website will be transfered to the fund. This money will be directed to the purchase of medicines for children with cancer.


International Charitable Fund  “Tabletochki” protects interests of the children with cancer in Ukraine. Thanks to the organization, dozens of children are not left alone with terrible diseases and got their chance to live. Moreover, the fund provides children with a palliative and psychological care, helps parents, develops volunteer and donor movement in Ukraine. participated in the campaign “Plant a Tree”

The campaign “Plant a Tree” launched by the online store “Rozetka” attracted a lot of Kyiv’s residents attention. During a month “Rozetka” was giving the opportunity to choose a location and plant a tree in order to say “Kyiv, I love you”. could not pass such a thing and planted 7 trees in different parts of Kontraktova Ploscha.

_DSC0454 _DSC0422

It was difficult to plant the trees, because it was quite rainy those days in Kyiv. Despite of the bad weather everything went well; now 7 trees from Dobovo are growing all over Kontraktova Ploscha.

_DSC0433 _DSC0423

You can find Dobovo’s trees at the following addresses:

–  2 Skovorody st.
–  4 Kontraktova square
– 8/5Voloshska st.
–  27 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska st.
–  35 Vvedenska st.

_DSC0446 _DSC0431

Moreover,  everyone still has the opportunity to participate in the campaign, it will last until 11th November, 2016. So do not miss your chance to make the city greener! became a hero of the Talktome article

Talktome magazine visited Ukrainian beauty – the fine Lviv city – not long ago. The journalist mentioned not only the love to this magnificent city and its coffee, but Dobovo and the magic apartment she booked as well. It was situated in the 150 years old building and had 3 old-fashioned stoves for perfect selfies. Read more about visiting Lviv and Dobovo experience in the Talktome article.

Львов. Город, с которым по любви was tested by editorial board of The People magazine became a hero of the heading “Let’s test with the editorial team” in The People magazine. Journalist Iulia Dryn had examined booking service in order to find out if there is any weakness in the system. The reporter shared her impression, experience, and advice with readers of the magazine. became a partner of Travel Family Festival became a partner of Travel Family Weekend & Beach boom of Lux FM Festival in which raffled a gift certificate in the denomination of 1000 UAH for accommodation.

On August 6th all visitors to the event were invited to take part in Dobovo lottery. All that participants needed to do was to fill out the contact form, to cast it into a bowl and to trust in luck.



About 200 people participated in this raffle. A charming young woman was the winner of this offer. Her contact form was pulled randomly by announcer guy’s little assistant girl from the bowl at 6 o’clock in the evening.


The visitors were offered another guaranteed opportunity to receive a certificate in the denomination of 100 UAH. They needed to take a picture of themself with the booth of Dobovo and to post the photo on any social media site with the hashtag #dobovo.



It should be noted that Dobovo organizes raffles not only within any festivals or exhibitions,  but on the official facebook page as well. So, follow us, participate in our lotteries and win prizes!

It is worth recalling that is the leading booking service in Ukraine. It is the business platform, which simplifies the process of communication between guests and owners. The main idea of Dobovo is to provide the best customer service – from extremely user-friendly design of to a customer service team that always does its best to help a client in any possible way. Partners database of Dobovo consists of selected apartment guesthouses / hotels and individual apartment owners. A hook of Dobovo is the most competitive prices on all apartments.

Idea, main features and secrets of – in an interview by Dmytro Malakhov for The People

Dmytro Malakhov, co-founder of the daily apartment booking service, tells the People how the lack of money and job prompted him to create his own business, about necessity and mechanisms of each owner’s checking, and also about the plans of making the service international. launches gift certificates sale

Now on you can purchase a wonderful gift – certificate to book any apartment on Dobovo.

Why Dobovo gift certificate is a good present?
– it is an extarordinary present – the impressions a person gets will last for a lifetime
– certificate can be used to book any apartment on – now there are more than 10 000 options
– certificate is easy to buy – there is a possibility to pay for it online
– there are certificates with different balance – from 200 up to 2000 UAH
– Dobovo certificate is valid for 365 days from the moment it was bought, so the holder can use it when it is convenient
– you will save your time significantly looking for the gift – you don’t actually need to go out of the building! launches filtering of the apartments on the possibility of renting them for events/parties

From April 16, 2016, booking center Dobovo launches a new feature: now you can filter the apartments by the possibility of renting them for events/parties.

To find such an apartment choose “Advanced amenities filter”, then tick “Possible to rent for an events/parties (see house rules)”. Now there appears the list of the apartments with such a possibility.


Take into account that the price of the apartment chosen may vary depending on the number of guests. In this case, a manager will inform you about it while confirming the booking. becomes a partner of Analyze 2016 conference

double logo

Dobovo became one of the partners of Analyze 2016 conference which will take place in Kyiv on April 21st, 2016. This event was dedicated to analytics for online and multi-channel projects.

Dobovo, as a partner of the conference, offers a discount for booking an apartment in Kyiv. This offer can use every conference participant.

Dobovo booking center offers convenient conditions of cooperation for the apartment owners and partners. Within the program the company offers such partnership options as referral links, vigets and co-brand. The company is always open for your ideas and offers and constantly working on improving site functions.

How did Ukrainians travel in 2015?

Dobovo Team summed up 2015 and found out the most popular cities and hot dates and compared trips in 2015 and 2014.

You can trust our data booking service apartments works in daily rentals since 2010. We are working with 2866 owners of apartments with 9620 apartments in 96 cities (90 cities in Ukraine). We analyzed the data basing on bookings from 54,882 customers.
Database users – more than 80 000 people.

The most popular choice

We analyzed all dates in 2015 and identified the most popular – up to100 bookings. They are: the May holidays, the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine, December weekends, Valentine’s Day.

Hot months

Demand for travel begins to rise in July and peaks in December:1 en

The leaders in bookings amount are August, October and December 2015:

2 en

Where do Ukrainians usually travel?

Kyiv (63%), Lviv (17%) and Odessa (11%) are top cities. With a huge difference, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv are following them:

3 en

How does the demand for traveling to top the cities changes during the year?


The peak is in October and December – during the major football matches, corporate and public holidays.


Popular choice – from May to September. Hot Month – August (19% of all trips).


The rising starts since August. The peak month – October.

How many nights Ukrainians usually book?

36% of customers make bookings for 1 night, 23% – for 2, 15% – for 3 nights:

4 en

More than half of tourists are couples (or just 2 people):

5 en

How does typical booking look?

6 en

Who travels in Ukraine?

81% of Dobovo users are Ukrainians.

Other 19% are:

7 en

What has changed comparing to 2014?

The ratio in top cities (Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv) has changed

  • Lviv has 6% more bookings
  • Kyiv has 6% less bookings

8 en

The most significant change in comparison with the 2014 is the dispersion of visitors by country.

In 2014 the top 4 was:

9 en

In 2015 there were 4% Russians from all foreign guests. (3 times less than in 2014)

Changes in other cities

More bookings in Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv.

Fewer bookings in Crimea – in Yalta, Sevastopol, Simferopol.

10 en


What is the average price per 1 night (Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa)?

The rental price depends on the month and demand.

In Kyiv the most expensive months are August and December. Average prices start from 569 UAH/night, begins to grow in March and the average price per night In December is 800 UAH/night:

11 en
The top period for Odessa is summer. The average prices are 1000 UAH per night. In December and New Year prices are like in Kyiv – 850 UAH per night:

12 en

Lviv seems to be the cheapest – minimal price is 399 UAH per night (in January), maximum price is 843 UAH per night (in December):

13 en

How did Dobovo change since 2014.

2015 was the year of domestic tourism.

Dobovo 2015 in numbers:

14 en