launches filtering of apartments on the possibility of renting them for events/parties

From April 16, 2016 booking center Dobovo launches new feature: now you can filter the apartments by the possibility of renting them for events/parties.

To find such apartment choose “Advanced amenities filter”, then tick “Possible to rent for an events/parties (see house rules)”. Now there appears the list of apartments with such a possibility.

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Take into account that the price of the apartment chosen may vary depending on the number of guests. In this case manager will inform you about it while confirming the booking. becomes a partner of Analyze 2016 conference

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Dobovo became one of the partners of Analyze 2016 conference which will take place in Kyiv on April 21st, 2016. This event was dedicated to analytics for online and multi-channel projects.

Dobovo, as a partner of the conference, offers a discount for booking an apartment in Kyiv. This offer can use every conference participant.

Dobovo booking center offers convenient conditions of cooperation for the apartment owners and partners. Within the program the company offers such partnership options as referral links, vigets and co-brand. The company is always open for your ideas and offers and constantly working on improving site functions.

How did Ukrainians travel in 2015?

Dobovo Team summed up 2015 and found out the most popular cities and hot dates and compared trips in 2015 and 2014.

You can trust our data booking service apartments works in daily rentals since 2010. We are working with 2866 owners of apartments with 9620 apartments in 96 cities (90 cities in Ukraine). We analyzed the data basing on bookings from 54,882 customers.
Database users – more than 80 000 people.

The most popular choice

We analyzed all dates in 2015 and identified the most popular – up to100 bookings. They are: the May holidays, the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine, December weekends, Valentine’s Day.

Hot months

Demand for travel begins to rise in July and peaks in December:1 en

The leaders in bookings amount are August, October and December 2015:

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Where do Ukrainians usually travel?

Kyiv (63%), Lviv (17%) and Odessa (11%) are top cities. With a huge difference, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv are following them:

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How does the demand for traveling to top the cities changes during the year?


The peak is in October and December – during the major football matches, corporate and public holidays.


Popular choice – from May to September. Hot Month – August (19% of all trips).


The rising starts since August. The peak month – October.

How many nights Ukrainians usually book?

36% of customers make bookings for 1 night, 23% – for 2, 15% – for 3 nights:

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More than half of tourists are couples (or just 2 people):

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How does typical booking look?

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Who travels in Ukraine?

81% of Dobovo users are Ukrainians.

Other 19% are:

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What has changed comparing to 2014?

The ratio in top cities (Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv) has changed

  • Lviv has 6% more bookings
  • Kyiv has 6% less bookings

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The most significant change in comparison with the 2014 is the dispersion of visitors by country.

In 2014 the top 4 was:

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In 2015 there were 4% Russians from all foreign guests. (3 times less than in 2014)

Changes in other cities

More bookings in Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv.

Fewer bookings in Crimea – in Yalta, Sevastopol, Simferopol.

10 en


What is the average price per 1 night (Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa)?

The rental price depends on the month and demand.

In Kyiv the most expensive months are August and December. Average prices start from 569 UAH/night, begins to grow in March and the average price per night In December is 800 UAH/night:

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The top period for Odessa is summer. The average prices are 1000 UAH per night. In December and New Year prices are like in Kyiv – 850 UAH per night:

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Lviv seems to be the cheapest – minimal price is 399 UAH per night (in January), maximum price is 843 UAH per night (in December):

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How did Dobovo change since 2014.

2015 was the year of domestic tourism.

Dobovo 2015 in numbers:

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Dobovo booking service informs about top tourism destinations in autumn season 2014

Due to the political environment in Ukraine in summer 2014, the top touristic and business destinations changed.

During the summer period, 1080 apartments for daily rent were listed on the website. In total there are over 7500 apartments, private houses, hotel rooms and hostels in different cities of Ukraine are offered on
In the nearest future, Dobovo is about to widen up the database of apartments in Ukraine and near-abroad countries and implement improved booking process.

Dobovo Booking Department reports that more than 6000 reservations for more than 20 000 nights were made via website in summer 2014. Statistics show that the most popular destinations for leisure and business travelers in summer 2014 were Odessa, Lviv, Kyiv and Kharkiv. Due to the political environment, the lowest interest was shown in the Southern and Eastern direction – Crimea, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Lugansk.

Traditionally Lviv, Kyiv and Odessa are the most attractive destinations for the business and leisure traveling in Autumn. It is related to the fact that different events such as international exhibitions, conferences and workshops take place in these cities and attract businessmen from all over the world. These cities are known for the festivals, museums and theaters that are visited all year round and Odessa and Lviv are also known for the authentic restaurants and cafe’s.

“Autumn is a great time to rest for everyone who can not effort to rest in the summer. One of the most interesting ways to spend the holiday can be traveling to the mountains. The Carpathians traditionally offers a huge variety of entertainment like camping, horse riding, or beloved by the megapolis inhabits peaceful rest in private villas with sauna’s, home-like food and sightseeing. It will also be useful to spend some time in Truskavets recreational centers or go for a weekend to one of the Ukrainian ancient cities like Beregovo, Mukachevo, Uzhhorod or Kamyanets-Podilskyi”

- recommends Valeriia Chalenko, Supervisor of Dobovo booking service.

Dobovo booking service provides daily accommodation all over Ukraine from 2010 and offers over 7000 apartments available for on-line booking. The company keeps on growing and improving the quality of service for the clients and hoteliers. The support team is available 7 days a week and is ready to assist the guests and the landlords. booking service reports about 9000 reviews on the website

Dobovo Press Service informs that there are already 9000 reviews about apartments added to the website. Only the clients who booked the apartment via the website and actually stayed there can write a review.

The customers can be sure that the information placed on the website is correct and not embellished by the hotelier taking into consideration the real reviews. The reviews can also help to get an additional information about useful things that are available in the apartment that could be missed considered to be not important by the hotelier. For example, this can be information about heating, cleanness of the hallway, availability and quality of glasses and bed appliances etc.

Dobovo service keeps on developing and gives attention to relations between clients and hosts. Every client who booked an apartment on the website is sent a request to write a review and rate the apartment after check-out. Such qualities as location, price, comfort, cleanness, general conditions of accommodation and hosts professionalism can be rated. The hoteliers in their turn can answer the review to thank or comment on an unpleasant review. All the reviews are being published on the website and can not be deleted but are attentively checked by the content manager to make sure no profanity or personal affront is published.

“Dozens reviews from the clients from all over the world are added to the website each day. The customers usually thank the hoteliers or support team who helped with accommodation. Also, formation about some issues with appliances or furniture or complaints about service quality can be found in reviews.
Reviews help the customers to make their choice and make sure the information provided by the hotelier is actual. This also helps to enhance client’s confidence in hoteliers and the company”

- according to Content Manager Tatyana Guligas.

Dobovo booking service is a leading on daily apartment rent market in Ukraine and keeps on permanently improving the service. Every customer is free to choose an appropriate and affordable accommodation from 7000 apartments listed on the website. In order to find the perfect apartment the clients can use filters to sort the apartments by price, location availability of some attributes and make sure their choice is right by reading the reviews from the previous guests. The support team is there to assist the customers with choosing an apartment and booking 7 days a week.

Dobovo booking service reports about 7000th apartment for daily rent in Ukraine listed on the website

July 15th, 2014, over 7000 apartments in 62 cities of Ukraine are listed on More than over 2050 hoteliers offer their apartments via the website and add from 1 to 6 apartments for daily rent.
Dobovo booking service keeps on intensively growing to attract more and more hoteliers to cooperation and holding top position on Ukrainian local daily rent market. There are different types of accommodation available on the website: apartments and private houses, hostels and hotel rooms, that helps the customers not only to plan a business trip to another city but also a good rest all over Ukraine. A huge variety of apartments in most interesting Ukrainian cities ore available for booking on the website. Kyiv is leading in a number of apartments for daily rent. There are also a lot of booking options in Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Sevastopol and Dnipropetrovsk.
Thanks to the variety of different accommodation the prices are from 48 to few thousands hryvnias per night which allow every client to find an affordable option. The hoteliers offer discounts and hot offers to attract customers, this allows the guests to book accommodation for the best price.

The website was developed to to provide the possibility to find the perfectly fitting apartment fast and easy and the interface is created taking into account all desires of our guests and hoteliers. The content department is checking every apartment before publishing it and pays special attention to the quality and accuracy of the information. Every hotelier has a personal account manager who is there to assist with any requests and questions.

“More than 1000 apartments for daily rent and 10 new Ukrainian cities were added to the website in 2014. Huge variety of apartments allows even the pickiest client to find an apartment that answers all the requirements.”

- shares her opinion Valeriia Chalenko, Sales Manager. team permanently improve the website and make the booking process easier. Every client can book the apartment fast choosing the dates of stay and making a prepayment and contact the owner right after that to specify the details of check in.

Dobovo is a leading booking service provides daily accommodation all over Ukraine from 2010. The website is being permanently improved to meet customer’s requests: from the start of the project a lot of functionality was developed such as reviews and rates from the previous clients, comparison of apartments, location and price filters and online communication with support team. reports about launching new functionality of comparison of apartments Press Service reports that comparison of apartments was launched on June 3rd, 2014. This functionality allows the customers to compare the chosen apartments by price, location, distance from main tourist attractions, city center, available amenities and helps to choose the best accommodation option in 60 cities of Ukraine and near-abroad fast and easy. The idea to develop this functionality was born as an answer to multiple requests in special feedback tab on the website about difficulties with choosing an apartment. This functionality also helps Dobovo Reservation Team to assist the client with searching for the best fitting accommodation.

“As on June 2014, 6915 apartments for daily rent are offered on the website. On one hand this guarantees everyone can find a perfectly fitting apartment on the website but on the other – sometimes it makes the search process a little difficult. The new functionality of comparison was developed for those who want to compare the apartments on the website and make sure they book the best one. This makes the search and booking process easier.” – according to Dobovo Sales Department Specialist Valeriia Chalenko.

The functionality is very simple to use: you only need to choose up to five apartments with check box “to comparison” and after that to press the bottom “In comparison”. After that, you will be transferred to the page with a table comparing the apartments for multiple criteria’s. After that, you can read the reviews for chosen apartments, view more details, other apartments of the same hotelier and book one of the accommodations. With the functionality of comparison, it is now possible to view and compare different criteria’s of up to five apartments: price, location, reviews of the previous clients, amenities and services. Dev and Content teams always attentively improved the quality of the content of the website. Today one of the most important goals is to make the search and booking process easier and faster.

Dobovo is a leading online daily rent booking service, that offers more than 6500 accommodations available for instant booking. Dobovo support team is available 7 days a week to assist the customers to choose and booking the perfect accommodation fast and easy. launches loyalty program for members booking finished the development of loyalty program for the customers in January 2016. New feature is available for all the customers from January 13th and allows to get an atomatic discount without any additional requests via e-mail or telephone.

How it works?

Every customer who has registered a member account on automatically receives a 1% discount, even if it’s his first experience with booking an apartment on the website. The customers can save more money with every next booking – the discount will increase automatically. The price will be shown already with consideration of discount for the signed in guests.

The minimum discount 1% is provided to every authorised customer. With every confirmed booking the disscount will get higher and already after 4 successful bookings it will be equal to 5%. CEO Dmytro Malakhov shares his opinion about loyalty program:

“The loyalty program was build to reward the regular customers who deserve to get high quality service and spend less money on accommodation. When the customer returnes to us for the second or third time he will get a bigger discount. The more bookings – the bigger discount!We are about to launch one more discount program that will make daily rent not just an attraktive booking option but the most affordable accommodation for those who prefers to travel with comfort and stay in apartments, hostels or mini-hotels.”

Dobovo booking service is a fast and easy way to find accommodation in 90 cities in Ukraine and other countries. The company cooperates with more than 2,5 thousands hoteliers who listed over 9,5 thousands apartmants on the website and these amount grows each day. Mobile application for hoteliers is being developed to increase the amount of apartments available for instant booking.

What to expect from Dobovo in 2015

2014 was a complicated year but Dobovo makes big plans for 2015 and keeps eye on the big picture. The daily rent service is going to implement a lot of updates and upgrades to make using the website even more easy and fast. First of all the version of the website for mobile devices is planned. This will certainly make the booking process easier as the website’s interface will be adapted for displaying on mobile devices so online booking will become easier and faster no matter if you use a laptop or a cell-phone. One of the main goals of Dobovo is to make communication between the client and the service as clear as possible. Dobovo is going to implement the possibility for the clients to create a personal profile on the website. The registration will be available for all the clients. Moreover, you will be able to create account using your already existing accounts in social networks as Facebook, Vkontacte, Google+ and Odnoklassniki or create a new registration using your e-mail address.

The personal profile will provide the main information about the client and also it will be possible to add a profile picture and tell a little about yourself.

This will make the communication between the client and the hotelier more trustful. The client also will be able to view the details of the previous bookings and write reviews about the apartments he stayed at.

The hoteliers in their turn will be able to view the profile of the potential guest and recommend them to the next hosts after check out. This will help to promote the guest’s rating and make the future hoteliers of the apartments have more trust to the client.

Dobovo keeps on working with different Ukrainian projects and in 2015 we are going to start cooperation with new companies. Business development and cooperation with another companies will allow covering wider audience and attract more clients to the service. General manager and co-founder Dmytro Malakhov shares his expectations for 2015:

«We plan to keep on growing and get more satisfied customers. I believe the mobile version of the website and optimization of search filters will make it much easier for any customer to find the perfectly fitting apartment.»

Dobovo is Ukrainian online booking service that was made to make the booking fast and easy and also reliable and clear. Today more than 8 thousands apartment are listed on the website and the amount of reviews today is more that record breaking 11 thousand. This is unique feature that distinguishes Dobovo from another booking services.

The history of Ukrainian daily apartments online booking service

We have discussed the specifics in online business of daily apartments rent in Ukraine with founders of Volodymyr Bezlyudnyi and Dmytro Malakhov.

How did you come to online business?

Volodymyr: «I graduated from Physics and Technology department KPI in 2004 and on the third year of study I started web-programming. I worked as a programmer on remote stand only. We got to online daily rent business with Dmytro in 2004. Actually we are still working using the same scheme: IT + daily rent = is our everything».

Dmytro: «In 2003 I graduated from KhAI, I was working at Antonov aircraft factory as an engineer for one year to get a Masters diploma. I was going to learn programming at the same time but I never had a chance to do it as my managing skills were useful in getting first orders for PHP+MySQL websites development. Together with other graduates we made primitive html-pages and earned first money. One of the ordering customer worked in daily rent and it opened new shpere for me».

Tell us about What was the big idea who made the first investments?

Dmytro: In 2004 we stared an offline agency Ukraine Apartments and we were among the first to start accepting Pay Pal transfers from foreign clients. Than it was an incredibly exclusive offer to the foreign customers so we attracted a lot of clients from USA who trusted us their money. In five years we realized that offline system is dying and we decided to carve out the online niche. We invested our own finance — together with Volodymyr we handled financing using the funds from our another business.
First we hired software developers from India as Ukrainian specialists attendance costed more. But this experience appeared to be very negative — the amount of bugs in the software written by developers from India was simply way over the limit. After that we hired our own dev team — four developers and tester.

Volodymyr: The idea of came to us in 2010 as an effort to automatize our daily apartments rent agency. We had a database of some reliable hoteliers in Kiyiv, Odessa, Lviv and some other cities. And we set our sights on turning the daily rent market in Ukraine to a civilized online marketplace where our partners could get much more bookings than from a «manual» agency paying the commission only in case of a succeed deal. The clients in their turn would be able to make the choice based on the hoteliers statistics and reviews of the guests who have already stayed at the apartment. At that time popular today Airbnb service wasn’t present neither on European market nor certainly on Ukrainian. Nobody knew about them here and so we didn’t have an example to follow (unfortunately :) . We used as a guide (they didn’t work with apartments at that time, only with hotels) and our experience on the local market. was made as a service where the clients can make an informed choice of accommodation based on the hoteliers statistics and real reviews from the clients.

How would you describe the Ukrainian market of daily rent? 

Dmytro: According to our estimates the amount of apartments and houses for daily rent in Ukraine is around 15-20 thousands and 8 thousands from them are already listed at Dobovo.
In convertion to money I would say that the total assets turnover in Kiyiv is around 80 millions UAH per month (around 4 thousands offers with average occupancy for 20 thousands UAH a month per apartment). The volumes on market of Ukraine in total is about 3-5 times higher.

How did the crisis this year influence the market?

Dmytro: The market «shifted» to the central and western part of the country as expected. Beginning from June we can mention a notable growth of demand for rent in Kiyiv — the middle class moves from Donbas and usually people use daily rent services while they are looking for permanent accommodation.
Ofcorce we have totally lost the deals in Crimea but at the expense of refuse to travel to Crimea we notice a record breaking demand in Odessa — it exceeds the offer at several-fold.
In reference to the rates they fell a lot converting to dollars but grew in hryvnias (at least three times in Kiyiv).
Comparing to 2013 the geographical distribution of auditory changed. A year ago we had 65% Ukrainian customers, 20% Russian and 15% from other countries. This year the amount of clients from Russia tends toward zero. Today we have 89% Ukrainian customers and 11% from other countries including the closest neighboring countries.

What is the main distinguishing features of from business rivals?

Volodymyr: There are two types of daily rent websites — booking systems and listings sites where direct phone numbers of the hoteliers are shown. The listing is usually on a paying basis for the owner. We do not compete to the listings websites, moreover, most of them are our partners. Such websites are popular only due to Ukrainian daily rent market’s specifics. The customers who see thousands of offers with direct telephone numbers of the hoteliers and actually start calling them around keep me wonder with their obstinateness. Especially when there are dates with high demand are required.
Our main rivals are Airbnb and services.
Our main distinguishing features from Airbnb is that we are oriented to Ukrainian market. This is not the only difference, more detailed:
- Airbnb requires a full prepayment, we — only the first night.
- There’s no discount system on Aibnb, the hoteliers of are able to set the automatically calculated discount based on amount of days in booking and special offers for free days between confirmed bookings.
- Our rates and prepayment are set in local currency.
- We cooperate with accustomed by Ukrainians payment systems – Portmone, Liqpay, Privat24 and also we have a direct merchant from Ukrainian bank.
- We cooperate directly with payment terminals.
- We have our in-house call-center with 10 support specialists (and we are increasing the personnel)
- And of course, our pride — 10 thousands real reviews about apartments.

What is so special about your review system?

Volodymyr: From the beginning we decided to make leaving fake reviews impossible. We guarantee this as we only send an e-mail request for review only to the clients who really stayed at the apartment.
We knew that we will be collecting the data base of reviews for long time when we were taking this decision. But we succeed and today we have over 10 thousands real reviews that help the clients make their choice.

Dmytro: I’d like to accent that we do not delete any reviews on hoteliers requests.

How do you monetize the business?

Dmytro: We take commission from the hoteliers — 5 — 15% from the deal. The amount of commission may vary due to the rating in search results on the website that takes to consideration a lot of different criteria of the reliability of the hotelier. The commissions is already included to the price.
The client transfers the deposit to our bank account and we don’t pay it out to the hotelier before the guest receives the service. If the client is not satisfied with the apartment or any unforseen circumstances accure and the client can not be accommodated at the booked apartment we refund the deposit and account 50% from the prepayment more as a compensation. The compensation can be used only for the next bookings via
Concerning the revenue I would say that we are not actually trying to make a big profit, most of it is being reinvested to the project: software development, marketing and advertising.
We have another business that dives a stable profit. So we don’t take money from, we think the time didn’t come yet.

How did the public accept the service?

Volodymyr: Our partners from offline agency, the hoteliers, were really happy when we decided to connect them with the client’s database directly. The commission is very low considering the amount they have to pay to traditional agencies. In return we require high quality of the service and actual availability schedule.
At the beginning we had around 30 owners and about 200 apartments in Kiyiv, Odessa, Lviv and Kharkiv. Today more than 2235 hoteliers work with us and the amount of the apartments listed on the website is close to 8 thousands in 63 cities of Ukraine. The amount of apartments increased on over 50% and reviews — 45% from January to November 2014.

How do you promote the project?

Dmytro: We use various advertising channels: context ads, Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct , CPA-networks, we cooperate with sites for hot-offers and discounts such as Groupon etc. We stake on our partnership program — for example we cooperate with We use only online promotion, 99% of our ads is in Uanet.

What are the main goals for

Dmytro: Our main goal — is to make an incontestable leader of the sphere in Ukraine (we are already #1 as a local company). We decided not to spread to another countries but to strengthening our positions on the local market, for example with focus on houses in the Carpathians.

Volodymyr: We strive to make the daily rent in Ukraine more civilized and organized. is build to give the hoteliers a permanent and reliable source of reservations and the clients have an opportunity to choose accommodation basing on the reviews and real experience of previous clients of the hotelier.