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Apartments by the day in the center of Sevastopol

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No available rentals found matching your requested dates.

Rent of apartments by the day in Sevastopol: center and parks or dormitory area and beaches?

You go on the vacation or in business trip to the city of Sevastopol? Then you without fail need housing. To rent a hotel suite for days sometimes costs unreasonably much. To rent apartment by the day in the center of Sevastopol will cost much cheaper. We will help you to organize pleasant stay in this hospitable resort town.

Before renting apartments by the day from the catalog on Dobovo and to choose the area of stay, consider features of everyone.

In 4-5 days of stay in Sevastopol you will manage to visit the main sights. Nakhimova avenue and Komsomolskyi park — it is historic center. Here tourists are waited by well-groomed parks and avenues, the exhibition, museums and monuments, cozy coffee houses and restaurants. And, above all — salty sea air and a magnificent view to the Black Sea. What can be better than sea walks on the boat or cozy small streets of the evening city? To be here — continuous pleasure.

For business trips the apartment in the central part of the city will become a right choice. Everything that is necessary for comfortable accommodation, is located nearby.

If you planned family sea tour and you go with children here, you will suit the sand beach «Omega» in Krugla bay and the cozy coast in Pischanyi bay. Here absolutely small, therefore fans of depth dive from piers. For such pastime there is a sense to look for the room or the apartment in one of these areas.

Use of filters will help to choose by suitable option from the catalog to you. Specify the desirable cost of daily lease, the number of rooms and date of arrival/departure.

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