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Rent a private house in Nikolaev short term

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disponible sur demande libre
Wi-Fi TV Climatiseur
Warm and cozy apartment, Studio
85 Velyka Morska Street, Tsentralnyi, Nikolaev
Sans prépaiement
10.0 Exceptionnel Basé sur 1 avis 1 avis Carte
disponible sur demande libre
Wi-Fi TV
House near the river, Un chambre
25/26 Levanevtsiv Street, Zavodskyi, Nikolaev
Sans prépaiement
disponible sur demande libre
TV Climatiseur
Cottage near the river, Quatre chambres
18 Olimpiyskaya Street, Ingulskyi, Nikolaev
Sans prépaiement
disponible sur demande libre
Wi-Fi TV Climatiseur
Old mansion, Quatre chambres
115 Velyka Morska Street, Tsentralnyi, Nikolaev
Sans prépaiement

Advantageous way of renting a house in Mykolaiv

Mykolaiv attracts lovers of ecotourism Mykolaiv region on the territory of the 19 natural monuments, including — reserved natural boundary «Dubly», reserve «Balabanivka», famous «Turetskyi fountain» and unique Black sea Island Berezan. In planning the route, take care about a comfortable stays. Great option — hire a private house for a day or a few days in any region of Mykolaiv.

Select the appropriate type of housing using Dobovo:

  • luxury mansion with modern conveniences;
  • spacious cottage with a billiards room on the banks of the picturesque river Pivdennyi Bug;
  • cozy apartment-studio with a complete set;
  • comfortable cottages and villas with stylish interior;
  • houses for party with specialized equipment (music, laser shows, kebabs, etc.)

Where to go in Mykolaiv

Every citizen of Mykolaiv primarily will advise the visitor of the City Zoo, considered the best on the territory of Ukraine, third in Europe after Naples and Monaco on the diversity of the exhibits.

Mykolaiv also is known for cultural attractions. Visit Mykolaiv's drama and musical comedy theatre, Local lore museum (Staroflotski barracks), the Church of St. Joseph and entertaining town «Kazka».

Want to have fun and relax — bars, restaurants, parks and beaches hospitably meet tourists. Reach any item for 10-30 minutes due to the well-developed transport infrastructure.

How to choose a house for short term rent in Mykolaiv

  • Use filters and sort proposals on priority settings to rent a suitable cottage in Mykolaiv for 5 minutes.  
  • Read the description in detail, check for the presence of required and additional services.
  • Chat with the owner, check for conditions and nuances. By the way: some landlords reduce the cost of an apartments rental, providing personal discounts.
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