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Feel yourself like a resident of Lviv: real estate agency «Legend of Lviv»

Capital of festivals, coffee and chocolate, the city of romantics and gourmets shrouded in ancient legends Lviv attracts with thousands of tourists. The entrance flow intensifies market development of daily housing. The competition and the consumer demand increase quality of service irrespective of a price category. Lviv hostels — this place for a lodging for the night and habitual house rest, the proof to what can serve mini-hotel «Legend of Lviv». It is in the center of Lviv. Reference points — monument to Daniil Galitskoho, museum «Arsenal».

Apartment, room, number

In case of the choice of housing should make a start from number of lodgers. The apartment-studio or 2-seater number will be suitable for married couples to «Legend of Lviv» with a separate bathroom. Children till 7 years accommodate free of charge without provision of a separate berth. The company of friends will comfortably be located in 4-, 8-or 10-seater number.

Hotel is equipped that way that on arrival or tiresome walk guests had a rest in a habitual house situation.

Additional services:

  • a transfer from/to the airport and stations;
  • room service;
  • Internet;
  • car park;
  • laundry;
  • hair dryer and ironing accessories on demand.

Planning a trip to Lviv, take care of housing beforehand. Booking with «Dobovo»   — it is confidence in quality and safety.

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